Where I’ve Been

Time to once again dust off the blog… So where have I been since March? Well, getting married, enjoying post-wedding, and at some point I needed to replace my computer. New updates are pending (I’ve a few posts that are at least semi-written) but for now, here’s a picture of crockpot beef stroganoff, from this recipe: http://www.heathersbytes.com/beef-stroganoff/

The few minor changes:

1) No onion. My wife doesn’t really care for large onion chunks. And I don’t really care for chopping onions. (I get teary-eyed. Badly.)

2) I think we added a little bit more sour cream and cream cheese, because well. We had it.

3) We let the meat cook for longer. We both work during the day, so it makes sense.

Beef Stroganoff

Beefy, beery, deliciousness

I know a lot of my friends are posting the “#100HappyDays” thing, so I think sometime in the next few months I may go with a #100HappyBeers project. I’m pretty excited for that.

I’m also intending to step it up and make more of the foods on my list, because even with my posts that still need to happen, I am WAY far behind.

Finally, I’ll be trying to post some more of my casual meals, and who knows, even the occasional “here’s how I’m geeking out” post here and there.

Speaking of which, episode 3 of Sherlock is currently on our TV, so off we must go!


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